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Angie de Akido San is the daughter of Alex de Akido San. Her mother is Wonder Black de Akido San who is the litter sister of Wizard de Akido San.
Alex de Akido San
( Aeolus Arabian Knight X Luna de Akido San )
Wonder Black de Akido San
( Kevin de Akido San X Fantastic Force de Akido San )
Aeolus Arabian Knight
( Cambria Cactus Cash X Aeolus Little bit of Gypsy
Luna de Akido San
( Nello Lex Luthor X Fortress Black de Akido San
More about Angie
Name: Angie de Akido San
Date of Birth: 14-12-2007
Sex: Bitch
Colour: Black / Tan
Sire: Alex de Akido San
Dam: Wonder Black de Akido San
Pedigree: click here
Breeder: Andrea Fabiana Laruccia
Kennel: Akido San
Country of Origin: Argentina
Date of Importation:13-6-2009

Prominent Progenitors In Pedigree:
a) Alex de Akido San
b) Aeolus' Arabian Knight
c) Cambria Cactus Cash
d) Nello Lex Luthor
e) Luna de Akido San
f) Kevin de Akido San