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"Everything that can be invented has been invented. We should close the patent office"
Charles H. Duell,
Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899.

Hailed as one of Malaysia's most prolific and successful garage inventor, RobestYong think otherwise.....

After gaining fame and fortune from his multiple awards winning invention called the POLYCLONE instant rubber stamp machine, Robest continued rolling out many new inventions which were not only successfully commercialised but also won him dozens of national and international awards.

RobestYong was borned in Georgetown, Penang and had his early education at the Methodist School in Nibong Tebal, Province Wellesley. He began his working life with an engineering company where he was frequently sent aboard to enquire about the latest technologies and machinery.

Blessed with an inquisitive mind, RobestYong does not always believe in taking the beaten path. In 1989, he left his employment and started his own company to venture into the world of new ideas and inventions. And in 1993, his effort was paid off when the  POLYCLONE instant rubber stamp machine was invented and marketed worldwide.

Prior to this invention, making rubber stamps had always been a slow and tedious process. Tiny lettering-bits need to be arranged and a plaster moulding were casted on them. Then a rubber sheet will be placed over the plaster moulding and heated to form the relief for the rubber stamps. This vulcanization method was ages old but still being used by the rubber stamp manufacturers all over the world.

The introduction of the POLYCLONE machine using the photo-polymerization technology enable rubber stamps of the highest quality to be produced within 5 minutes. Any computer printed images can be made into rubber stamps. This invention revolutionized the art of making rubber stamp throughout the world and it won the Gold Medal at the 1994 International Invention Fair in Geneva, Switzerland. Protected by worldwide patent, this invention went on to win many other international awards and sold to countries all over the world from Russia to Papua New Guinea....

RobestYong created many new inventions thereafter which won him many top national awards such as the 1994 National Invention of the Year, 1997 National Youth Award and the 2000 Outstanding Young Malaysian Award.

His list of inventions grew and kept growing...
Steps of making
Hong Leong logo
The multiple award winning invention which found its way into stationary shops, fast print centers, bookstores and rubber stamp retailers all over the world.
Even photographs or newspaper cuttings can be made into the highest quality rubber stamps.... in just 5 minutes using the Polyclone Instant Rubber Stamp equipment !
The POLYCLONE Instant Rubber Stamp Machine
The GREEN WHIZZARD Plant Nutrient
Making Rubber Stamps in 5 Minutes !


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