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TARA PT PRIMA majestic was established on 1 August 1992 by several people who have high commitment and dedication in the direct sales business with a system or NETWORK MARKETING MULTI LEVEL MARKETING.

As a member APLI (Direct Sales Association of Indonesia), TARA has always a sincere concern for the interests and satisfaction of its customers and partners. Caring, honesty and our commitment is reflected in the 3 strategies that we believe in:


We are committed to providing products of high quality for the welfare of the Indonesian community that includes aspects of health, fitness, beauty and day-to-day needs, which consists of:

1) Product food / drink health TARA (food supplement / health food) which are natural products have been selected and listed in the POM RI Department of Health. 

2) High-quality cosmetic products from Korea that cover Skin Care, Make-Up and Body Care. 

3 Creative Products TARA (TARA Creative Products), which consists of:

         * Food / drink that is Korean Ginseng Coffee. 
         * Lingerie (Jewel Girl Underwear). 
         * Needs of household products such as toilet soap, toothpaste, etc..


With Network Marketing / Multi Level Marketing, we aim to improve the welfare of the public, regardless of background, social-economic level, education and their gender. To support that, we create MARKETING PLAN TARA a progressive, dynamic, and realistic that can be run by anyone because the capital required is relatively small. Important that it has a strong desire to succeed, work together and prosper.


As we know, the future of a nation lies in the potential of Human Resource. It is not a problem about the number of population and education level of society, but more is a positive mental attitude.

In human resources development strategy, the TARA 3 types of training, namely:

        * Business training system TARA 

        * Training on products,

        * TARA  Training motivation

TARA's principle business is a partnership, the business relationship is based on the spirit of cooperation is mutual respect, with a strong desire for mutual benefit. TARA opportunity to become partners is open to everyone, without limits of background, education, gender, social status and so on. As a "Partner", then Partner TARA are "free" dream set, business strategy, colleagues, financial planning, and kreasinya the time to build business cooperation in a mutually beneficial and result. And is the pride that at this time apart has been a Partner TARA TARA business has become a strong, independent and successful .***
Tara Building Center Bandung
Jl. Dr. Abdul Rachman Saleh No. 84-86