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Title: KAMIKAZE Mosquito Fatal Attractants

Year of Invention: 1995

Brief Introduction: A very effective and environmental safe product which uses
(Octenol) N.N.Diethyl-M-Tolluamide and Ethyl Ester of 2-Methyl-3-Pentenoic Acid to attract mosquito to a 'sticky paste' which will eventually kill them.

Awards: 1995 Silver Medal winner at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition, Switzerland.
The Problem:

Mosquitoes had been buzzing mankind since the beginning of time. Many fatal illnesses such as Malaria, Dengue fever and Elephantiasis are spread and transmitted by these deadly insects. Many inventions and products had been created to combat this annoying little creature.

Using the concept of 'repelling' rather than 'elimination', these products had failed to solve the problem. Such products like the mosquito coils, mosquito mats, ultra-sonic sound repellant, and DEET gel and solution have many set-back problems themselves. They require electricity, open flame or have to be in contact with the human skin. Thus, making them unpractical and inconvenient to use.

And their results are just temporary as the mosquitoes are merely driven away which they will return when the effect run out. They are also capable of building up their immune system naturally which make them insensitive to these repellant.

The Invention:

The name KAMIKAZE is the code name for the Japanese suicidal pilot who crashed to their death during the 2nd WW. Our product work with the same concept. Mosquitoes locate their preys mainly by the carbon dioxide which they breathe out and also by the heat of their body. Using their sensitive antennae, they are able to detect the level of carbon dioxide in the air from a far distant away. And the lactic acid emitted from our skin will enable them to find the spot to bite. 

Our product uses N.N.Diethyl-M-Tolluamide and Ethyl Ester of 2-Methyl-3-Pentenoic Acid ( Octenol ) to omit a gas similar to a mammal's breathe. They will be attracted to a container which has a sticky substance. When the mosquitoes come in contact with the paste, they will get stuck and eventually die.

The product is effective for approximately 30 days.

The advantages:

KAMIKAZE kill the mosquitoes instead of repelling them away to bite someone else or allow them to build up their immune system to be in-sensitive to the repellant used. It does not required any electricity, open flame or to be in contact with the skin. It is non-toxic, effective and economical.

The product was shown at the 1995 Geneva International Invention Exhibition in Switzerland. Other from winning a Silver medal for the invention,it also attracted many enquires from throughout the world.
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KAMIKAZE Mosquito Attractant Glue