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•Carver-UP car mat cover - Robest's answer to unsightly car mats. In this invention, he created "origami" out of rubber mats in his successful effort to conceal dirt from the car-floor.

•ABL Automatic car-braking sys­tem - This indispensable safety invention allows the vehicle to remain stationary even when the driver's foot has been re­leased from the brakes pedal.

Electronic road sign reader - A safety device reduce the dangers of motorists failing to see road signs due to poor visibility. The device can actually in­dicate to the driver if he or she is driving too fast or if there's a dangerous corner ahead to be wary of.

Subsequently Robest came up with the Flush and Wash, a water closet modified to enable users to wash their hands using water straight from the tank. He then went on to make locking and unlocking connecting doors a cinch. An excep­tionally useful invention when it comes to ensuring connecting bathroom doors lock and unlock as needed.

Robest's passion for innovation and im­provement also led him to invent the Green Whizzard, a revolutionized plant fertilizer using probiotic enzyme . In its concentrated form, only a few grams will keep plants green and healthy. This invention was proudly in collaboration effort with University Teknologi Mara.
Creativity knows no boundaries

Since the invention of the Polyclone rub­ber stamp machine, Robest proceeded to embark in a series of continuous in­venting. He turned his creativity and in­novating skills to three automobile gadg­ets, all of which were proudly displayed at the MINDEXC/INOTEX'96.

The inven­tions were :
Flush n Wash Water closet
Signing of MoU with UiTM, Shah Alam for collaborations on the Research & Development of new Inventions and Innovations.

Date: 26th September 2005
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