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Forward and ahead

“I am still inventing new products. I aspire to be 'the' iconic Malaysian inventor” states Robest. He has big plans for a company that ‘Lives on dreams and ideas’ as he puts it. Understandable indeed, for a high achiever who has proven himself as a local inventing hero! The company Robest has in mind would be quite like a 3M company, with full focus on new innovations.

Pertaining to that aim, Robest, currently an innopreneur reveals that he dreams of a more creative and innovative Malaysia. It is my sincere hope that the Government will introduce the setting up of innovating clubs in school, so that young, undiscovered inventors may be discovered, polished and nurtured to reach great heights to make our country proud.

Dato' Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Air Asia
Lunch with Tun Mahathir Mohamad
Date: 30th November 2010
Dinner with Prof. Stephen Hawkings
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